It can cost as little as $30 to CURE a person of blindness.

What are some other ways to spend $30?

No really....tell us!  Take the #sightovernight challenge!

  • Think about a frivolous product or service that you regularly buy that costs about $30.  
  • This one time, instead of buying that product or service, donate the $30 to the Fiat Lux Foundation to provide someone with a sight-restoring operation.
donate to the #sightovernight campaign
  • Take a picture of yourself with the product or service that you didn't buy and post it to your Facebook page.  Tag your post with #sightovernight, include a link to our website (, and write the following line (or one of your own creation):
"Today instead of paying $30 for__________, I donated $30 to cure someone of blindness."  

We'll post your photo on our Facebook page and the hashtag #sightovernight will help raise awareness of how little money it takes to transform someone's life forever.